• 2 Friends and a Blender

    Booth: R7 

    Artisan/Crafter- Hi, my name is Paula Race. I started 2 Friends and a Blender in 2019. My company produces dry flavor packets, out of a licensed kitchen, to make drinks and jello shots. We have 5 different product lines. Our most popular line is the tropical slushy flavor packet, offered in 9 flavors. Each packet can be made with vodka, rum, wine, tequila or it can be made non-alcoholic. All of these directions are listed on the table. This line is also offered in 8 sugar-free flavors. 

  • 12fourteen

    Booth: R22 

    Artisan/Crafter- Soaps, Body Care products and coffee coffee accessories Antiques 

  • Adventure Clothes Company

    Booth: N17

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade hoodies for women and children

  • Alcar Designs

    Booth: N14 

    Artisan/Crafter- Fishing and wildlife themed solar protection wear, bags, and accessories. All of the products are embellished with my own illustrations by using the process called dye sublimation. The products are made in my studio in Saint Germain WI. fabrics are sourced in the USA, I sew all of the bags and children's wear. 

  • Alkris Creations

    Booth: N20 

    Artisan/Crafter- I make collages with up cycled jewelry and other findings. 

  • And Sew On

    Booth: Q3 

    Artisan/Crafter- Metal Signs, zippered pouches (coin and wallet), bubble magnets 

  • Angie K's

    Booth: Q2

    Artisan/Crafter- Hand Crafted Purses 

  • Art Girl Pottery

    Booth: K12

    Artisan/Crafter- Pottery. My work consists of trays, vases, wall pockets, bowls, pendants, etc. I use inspirational quotes, laces, stamps and organics to impress unique designs into each piece. My price point is generally $8-$20. My glazes are bright, natural and pieces have a great vibe! 

  • Arts E Nature

    Booth: R10 

    Artisan/Crafter- Dichroic fused glass jewelry. You can see some of our selection at artsenature.com 

  • B and B Farmco

    Booth: D6

    Artisan/Crafter- Goat Milk SOap and Lotions, Herbal Salves, Lip Balm, Body Butter, Foot Scrub, Candles. 

  • Badger Kettle Corn

    Booth: G12 

    Food Truck/Cart/Stand- Freshly Popped Kettle Corn. 

  • Bags from the Beach

    Booth: A5

  • Barbies Boutique

    Booth: G2

    Artisan/Crafter- I design and sew clothes for 18in dolls and barbie size dolls. I also embroider hand towels. 

  • Bead'it Creations

    Booth: H8 

    Artisan/Crafter- Jewelry Sterling and Beaded 

  • Be Cute Stay Fabulous

    Booth: K6 

    Artisan/Crafter- Hand painted furniture with as artistic flare. 

  • Best Ever Potholders

    Booth: R12 

    Artisan/Crafter- Potholders, Trivets, Scrunchies, placemats, napkins, travel neck pillows, small framed art, bags (mostly potholders) 

  • Beverage Barn

    Booth: D10

    Food Stand- Beverage Barn Coffee, Mocha, Chai, Tea, Smoothie 

  • Beyond the Frame LLC

    Booth: Q12 

    Artisan/Crafter- Nature Photography Prints 

  • Biszak

    Booth: A1


    Wood Art 

  • Blue Egg Farmstore

    Booth: H5

    Artisan/Crafter- Organic and plant infused body care. 

  • Bohemian Cottage Co.

    Booth: R18 

    Artisan/Crafter- Electroformed Copper and Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry 

  • Bohemian Skye

    Booth: K7 

    Artisan/Crafter- Macrame 

  • Book and Gift Fair

    Booth: Q6 

    Resale/Retail- New books and gifts and toys for adults and children. We were with Books are Fun for 20 years. Because of Covid we were unable to have book fairs. We continued different careers, but decided we enjoyed seeing people and sharing our products. So, we are selling some products from Books Are Fun and new items at craft and vendor fairs and flea markets. 

  • Bourbon Bottle Lamps

    Booth: R15 

    Maker/Inventor/Designer- Bottle Lamps, Night Lights (Plastic and Glass) 

  • Brayton World

    Booth: N7

    Maker/Inventor/Designer- Crossbody Slings 

  • Busse Construction LLC

    Booth: S7

    Artisan/Crafter- I make wall art, cutting boards, serving trays and tables into which I inlay area lakes and rivers chosen by clients filled with epoxy. 

  • Buwalda

    Booth: K5 

    Artisan/Crafter- I sell a variety of colorful functional pottery. 

  • C & C Designs

    Booth: G5 

    Artisan/Crafter- Jeweled Hair Chains and Beaded Hair Huggers 

  • Carol's Creative Crafts

    Booth: G1 

    Artisan/Crafter- Appliquéd Home Decor, placements and table runners. 

  • Castaneda

    Booth: R20 

    Artisan/Crafter- The items I sell are dresses, handmade crafts, necklaces, bracelets, blankets and various toys. 

  • Charcuterie Boards by Soren!

    Booth: H3 

    Artisan/Crafter- Stone, Granite or Quartz Charcuterie Boards and Coasters. 

  • Charlotte's Web

    Booth: N25 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade women crocheted clothing. Tunic, cardigan, sweater, skirts, shawls, ponchos, jackets, hats and scarves. 

  • Chef Heatley's Hot Pepper Farm

    Booth: H13

    Artisan/Crafter- Chef-Created Artisan Hot Sauces 

  • Chics-N-Dips

    Booth: A3 

    Artisan/Crafter- Gourmet Dry Dip Mixes 

  • Christianson

    Booth: J4

    Artisan/Crafter- Barn wood Picture Frames, Trays, and Furniture

  • Classic Creations

    Booth: H10

    Artisan/Crafter- Northwoods themed 3D metal art. Pine trees with assorted wildlife such as deer, moose, elk, bear,loons and more. Eagles percered in the treetops. All created and handmade and painted by us. 

  • Clint Wickman Originals

    Booth: R28 

    Artisan/Crafter- I hand carve wood wall art of various wildlife including Common Loons, Black Bears, Red Fox, Great Blue Herons, Deer, Eagles, Butterflies, Raccoons, Trees, Dragonflies, Owls, Song Birds, Turtles, Fish, Etc. 

  • Copper Moon Pottery

    Booth: R24

    Artisan/Crafter- Ceramics, mainly stoneware ikebana vases, mugs and berry bowls. 

  • CountrySide Gifts

    Booth: N22

    Artisan/Crafter- Welcome Bears, Fall Décor, Signs, Ornaments, Yard Décor, Scrubbiness 

  • Craft Creek Brewing Co. LLC

    Booth: H15 

    Food Truck/Cart/Stand- Craft Creek Brewing will be providing 4 different craft beer options along with our 2023 release of Wilson's Brew (dog beer) in bottles. We will also have merchandise/apparel.

  • Crafty Lady

    Booth: D13 

    Artisan/Crafter- Quilts 

  • Cunningham

    Booth: R26 

    Artisan/Crafter- Beach Glass Jewelry and Yooper Jewelry 

  • Custom Letter Design

    Booth: B9

    Artisan/Crafter- Graphic Design Letters and Quotes made into Signs. 

  • Darrel Bowman Pottery

    Booth: S13

    Artisan/Crafter- Useful stoneware pottery...wheel-thrown and reduction-fired in a gas kiln. 

  • Deckert

    Booth: B11

    Artisan/Crafter- Painted glassware and eggshell ornaments.

  • Dee Artsy Creations

    Booth: Q14

    Artisan/Crafter- I design wooden charcuterie boards; ceramic, metal and marble serving trays; coasters and other items embellished with alcohol ink or resin. Each item is unique - no two ever the same. I will also have resin jewelry and alcohol ink adorned note-cards available. 

  • Dharmon Designs

    Booth: R16 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Boho Style Jewelry. Mostly bracelets made with leather, beads, and a variety of jewelry findings. 

  • Dip-N-Good Dips

    Booth: G7

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Family owned company that develops the dry ingredients for gourmet dips. All ingredients are natural, there are no preservatives and are gluten free.

  • DNR Booth: I1

  • Dream Designs

    Booth: A11 

    Artisan/Crafter- Metal Wall Art, some repurposed art and wooden barn quilts

  • Earth Grounding Technology, LLC

    Booth: R1

    Retail- Jewelry that provides pain relief and also provides protection from man-made harmful frequencies (EMF's, cellphones, power lines, WIFI, 5G etc.) 

  • Earth Wind & Metal

    Booth: D1

    Artisan/Crafter- Metal Garden Spinners 

  • Echo Valley Metalworks

    Booth: N21

    Artisan/Crafter- Solar light towers, various stake (yard/garden) like butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, pheasants, plant hangers w/ various designs like cardinals, roosters, chickens, gnomes and key holders. 

  • Epicure

    Booth: S5

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Meal solutions, rubs, dip mixes, desserts, spices 
  • Erickson

    Booth: R19 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted cedar strip canoe hutches handcrafted in Bessemer MI. with wildlife scenes painted by a local artist in the Hurley/Ironwood area. Canoes are around 17' in length and approximately 60 lbs. 

  • Exquisite Heritage LLC

    Booth: D11 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Ladies handbags, wallets, backpacks, silver and artificial jewelry, kids backpacks, Indian handicraft. 

  • Flattery Works

    Booth: C3

    Artisan/Crafter- Alternative and classic jewelry, cabin décor 

  • Form Function Designs

    Booth: S11 

    Artisan/Crafter, Maker/Inventor/Flea/Antiques, Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- I am a certified interior designer with over ten years of experience in the field. I have worked all over the United Stated from Wyoming to Florida. My business offers design services, re-finished furniture antiques, pillows, wax products and signs. I do a lot of different projects in a lot of different styles to fit everyones home and style. While I offer a lot of different products they all would be considered home decor. 

  • Fortney's Personalized Crafters

    Booth: J1

    Artisan/Crafter- Wooden routered signs that can be personalized, sign posts, wooden perpetual calendars and tiles, teacher and family personalized crafts, kids korner with acrylic beaded princess crowns, random jewelry and other kids crafts. 

  • Frog Buddies

    Booth: L2

    Artisan/Crafter- Wooden Frogs in various sizes, colors, and finishes. 

  • Frog Creative Studios

    Booth: S8 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Craft kits (Paint by Number and jigsaw puzzles) and some of my own designed up cycled transfer porcelains, potholders etc. 

  • FurLife Fashions

    Booth: R23 

    Artisan/Crafter- FurLife Fashions creates handmade pet collars are made with American-Made Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing, Welded D Rings and Quality Contoured Buckles and are wrapped in one of the hundreds of ever-changing fabric options I have to offer. Additionally, we offer funky pet bows, classy neck ties, elegant collar flowers, reversible bandanas, a selection of pet toys and other pet related items. 

  • Furniture By Jake LLC

    Booth: O2

    Artisan/Crafter- Log Furniture, Cabin Decor and Homemade Games

  • Gamerz Island

    Booth: S14 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Video games and systems Pokémon yu gi oh and magic cards 

  • Gina Aluminum Jewelry and Thistle Ridge Studio

    Booth: Q17 

    Artisan/Crafter- I create eD gnomes, purses, scarves and 2d paintings out of wool. I use felting needles to create sculptures and I wet felt purses, scarves and paintings using water and olive oil soap. The wet felted items are rolled hundreds of times to shrink the wool and becomes a fabric type material. 

  • Glass & Stone

    Booth: D12 

    Artisan/Crafter- Fused Glass and Mixed Metal home and garden decor and accessories. 

  • Golden Spiral Jewelery

    Booth: A4

    Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted Jewelery 

  • Good Luck Ln Lumber Co. and Off the Bead in Path

    Booth: J5

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade wood items, charcuterie and cutting boards, coasters, serving trays, signs, games (cribbage and mancala), bottle openers, wood burned art burned on spoons, boards, earrings. Also leather artisan bracelets containing wood burned art/beads. 

  • Greb

    Booth: B2

    Artisan/Crafter- Stained Glass 

  • Grandpa Choo Choo's

    Booth: L3 

    Food Stand- Kettle corn, Carmel corn, cheese corn, and mixes.

  • Hale the Bag Lady

    Booth: S17 

    Artisan/Crafter- Leather Purses - Bracelets made fro, the smaller pieces of leather - I braid them all winter! 

  • Hankes

    Booth: R5 

    Artisan/Crafter- Wisconsin wildlife original oil paintings (also prints of original paintings.0 I am well for my paintings of owls. I am also an author and have a variety of books including memoirs and children's books. 

  • Heph-Zi Bah

    Booth: D2

    Artisan/Crafter- Lemonade, Cranberry Products, Potpourri, Spray, Wax Melts, Candles, Incense, Jams, Salsa, Dried Treats, Jelly Beans.

  • Hmong Needle Work

    Booth: N19

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Stuffed Animals, Hmong Designed Purses, and Hmong Story Cloths

  • Hurley High School

    Booth: N3 

    Artisan/Crafter- Northwoods Manufacturing is a student-run business the operates out of the Hurley School District. All the items we sell are handcrafted and one of a kind products made by students in grades 8-12. The items we have for sale include cutting boards, signs, pens, tables, ornaments and other artisan crafts. 

  • Hutch Leather Works

    Booth: Q1 

    Artisan/Crafter- Leather Goods- Wallets, purses, jewelry, hats and wooden signs. 

  • Iburg

    Booth: G10 

    Artisan/Crafter- Apparel Jewelry Toys 

  • Ipiales

    Booth: N5

  • Iron County Lumber LLC

    Booth: S9 

    Artisan/Crafter- Woodworker crafting high end cutting boards, bowls and other woodworking crafts. If the temperature is warm, I will also sell cold water bottles. 

  • Janssen's

    Booth: O6

    Artisan/Crafter- Outdoor Wood Crafts 

  • Jen Anderson Pottery

    Booth: B6

    Artisan/Crafter- Functional Stone wear Pottery

  • Jully's Fashion Design

    Booth: M5

    Artisan/Crafter- Jully's Hand Made Jewelry, and Jully's Design Hat 

  • Junction City Craft Co.

    Booth: L4

    Artisan/Crafter- Sewn and embellished women's clothing

  • Just Fudge

    Booth: Q4  

    Artisan/Crafter- I sell Just Fudge, it is handcrafted fudge sold in convenient 4oz cups. 

  • Just Soap by Amjax

    Booth: N8

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade soaps and lotion 

  • KT's Kreations

    Booth: S18

    Artisan/Crafter- Custom made inc signs and cribbage boards. 

  • K & M Woodcrafts LLC

    Booth: D4

    Crafter- Wooden Bowls, Cutting Boards, Lazy Susans, Cheese Slicers, Pizza Peels 

  • Kataja

    Booth: R4 

    Artisan/Crafter-Yard games, crochet items, plaques.

  • KSS Memories

    Booth: D9 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Dog Collars and Leashes, Purses and Bags featuring pop culture images and designs and Kid String Purses 

  • Kuester's Kreations

    Booth: H4 

    Artisan/Crafter- I design & make signs. I design the 4'x6' prints with various words & sayings and put them between 4'x6' glass and hardboard and then mount them on recycled wood.  

  • Kutie Kari Books, Inc

    Booth: H9

    Artisan/Crafter- Children books that I write, illustrate and personally publish. All the original artwork I do with colored pencils and airbrush. 

  • Lakeland Aerial Photos

    Booth: M4 

    Artisan/Crafter- Aerial photos of area lakes with reclaimed pine frames. 

  • Lake Superior Creations

    Booth: N6 

    Artisan/Crafter- Jewelry and Decor using Lake Superior Beach glass. 

  • Lamoureux Concessions

    Booth: F1 

    Food Stand- wings, poutine, fresh cut fries, corn dogs, mini donuts, nachos, soft pretzels and cheese. 

  • Lavender Garden

    Booth: R13 

    Artisan/Crafter- are and river signs hand painted on wooden arrow, wooden fish or wooden sign. Painted repurposed items updated. 

  • LC Magnetic Therapy

    Booth: N15 

    Artisan/Crafter- Magnetic Hand Made Therapy Jewelry 

  • Ledgewood Enterprises

    Booth: G14 

    Artisan/Crafter- Snap Pouches, Potholder Towels, gnome Towel Hangers with Towel, 40" Table Runners, 20" Mini Table Runners or Toilet Toppers, Gnome Christmas Ornaments, "Pothead' ornaments and Bowl Cozy Sets. 

  • Little Lovie's Crafts LLC

    Booth: N23 

    Artisan/Crafter- Fused Glass, Items all handmade: Garden art, Loons, Sun Catchers, Table Top Landscapes in custom bases. 

  • Lori's Creative Delights

    Booth: K13

    Artisan/Crafter- Embroidered items- Hooded characters Bath towels.   Reading pillows, Kids Play Masks.  Finger Puppets, Tooth Fairy Pillows. Blankets with Sayings and Sewn Items. Therapeutic Hot and Cold Items.  

  • Lovelace

    Booth: G6

    Artisan/Crafter - Fabric Covered Photo Albums and Photography Notecards 

  • Lu's Creations

    Booth: A2 

    Artisan/Crafter- Painted gourds and recycled painted clothing 

  • Mary's Country Creations

    Booth: O4 

    Artisan/Crafter- Hand Painted Signs, Christmas Decor and Ornaments 

  • Maxipink Designs

    Booth: M1 

    Artisan/Crafter- I make one of a kind hats and handbags for women and kids. All hats are made of natural fabrics and trimmed with new vintage, ribbons, buttons and fabric. 

  • Medieval Mapmaker

    Booth: A8 

    Artisan/Crafter: Hand drawn maps 

  • Mercer Lions

    Booth: J2

  • Mercer School District

    Booth: I3 

    We will be putting up a booth with information about the school and requests for donations to support school programs and extracurricular activities. 

  • Midnight Creations & Gifts

    Booth: O1

    Artisan/Crafter- Traveling gift shop including: greeting cards, fishing bait, therapy rice bags, vodka slush mixes, bird suet, bug sprays and plant seasonal decor. 

  • Midwest Lifestyles LLC

    Booth: Q7 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Hammerstahl Cutlery 

  • Midwest Mixes

    Booth: H14 

    Artisan/Crafter- Olive Oil Bread Chips, No-Bake Cheesecakes, BBQ Rubs, Veggie Dips, Pasta Sauces, Pickling Mixes for Refrigerator Pickles. 

  • Mikes Antler Art

    Booth: O3 

    Maker/Inventor/Designer- All types of items made from REAL antler sheds. Lamps, Cribbage Boards, Floor Lamps, Tables, Pens, Wine Racks, Knives and many other things. 

  • MillSpec Products LLC

    Booth: O5 

    Artisan/Crafter- Laser engraved maple, walnut, cherry and hickory cribbage boards; engraved and plain maple and walnut cutting boards; wood charcuterie boards and trivets; engraved wood and slate coasters. 

  • Mouse-Mix LLC

    Booth: B7 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade, all-natural, potpourri-baked pest deterrents for home, cabin, camper/RV. boat, farm, lawn & garden. Smells great ... Works great! 

  • Mueller

    Booth: N1


    Scabies, Towels, Bird Houses, Bird Feeders

  • My Girlz Clothing CO

    Booth: J6 

    Maker/Inventor/Designer- Clothing, Hats and Rags 

  • Mystical Silk by Jeannine

    Booth: C4 

    Artisan/Crafter- I hand paint silk scarves, eye pillows, shawls, scrunchies, hand died silk pillow cases. I have also expanded my silk art images signed book marks, note cards and post cards. During covid I expanded my silk painting images onto bamboo yardage, of which I cut sew caps and head bands. As well as my canvas toted in two sizes. Everything in my booth is my work. Thank You! 

  • Nana's Whims

    Booth: K2

    Artisan/Crafter- Towels, Table Runners, potholders, bowl and plate cozies, pocket pillows and other handmade items for the home. 

  • Natural Spaces Photography LLC

    Booth: N11

    Artisan/Crafter- Wisconsin and Upper Great Lakes Photography

  • Nature's Art Studio

    Booth: K1

    Artisan/Crafter- I create Watercolor Batiks on Mulberry paper. This is a multi-layering technique of watercolor and wax. I offer sets of note cards which are prints from my original batiks. My theme is nature based. I also create reverse glass paintings where glass is my canvas. I use acrylics and India Ink and paint in reverse. I have done a few items combing a batik and reverse glass. 

  • Neil Johnson Photography

    Booth: G9 

    Artisan/Crafter- Photography and books 

  • New Image

    Booth: K11

    Maker/Inventor/Designer- Men's Sterling stainless steel Jewelry pocket watches leather jewelry and women's sterling silver jewelry and genuine stone jewelry decorative pillow covers. 

  • Northern Lights Jewelry

    Booth: B10

    Artisan/Crafter- Hand-Made Jewelry 

  • Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board

    Booth: R27

  • Northwoods Crochet

    Booth: R21 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade sweaters, boleros and crocheted t-shirt tops. 

  • Norwex

    Booth: S6

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Norwex Environmentally- Friendly Personal Care + Cleaning Products 

  • NW Inspirations

    Booth: K3 

    Artisan/Crafter: Handpainted lanterns, glitter lanterns, metal planters and painted glassware. 

  • Oestreich

    Booth: D7

    Artisan/Crafter - I do all my own graphic designs and silk screen them onto soft apparel. I also make soap, lotions and signs. 

  • Olson Hoang Crafts

    Booth: K10

    Artisan/Crafter- Hand Crafted Wooden Jewelry Boxes and Hand Cut and Assembled Paper Pop-Up Greeting Cards 

  • Pampered Chef

    Booth: Q11 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- I am an independent Pampered Chef Consultant. I sell my items as Cash & Carry, and orders can also be placed. 

  • Pam's Glass Art

    Booth: H7

    Artisan/Crafter- Stained Glass Suncatchers + Windows, Repurposed Bottles + Glass- Windchimes 

  • Paper Pie

    Booth: P3

    Retail- Children's Books 

  • Pauls Porch Pots

    Booth: N4 

    Artisan/Crafter- Repurposed maple syrup buckets and plasma metal art. 

  • Penguin Candle House

    Booth: H6 

    Crafter- Candles, Wax Melts, Bath Bombs, Lip Balm, Hand Soap 

  • Pete's Backwoods LLC

    Booth: S12 

    Artisan/Crafter- Wood turned creations made from scraps of wood. Combined with acrylic resins and metal powders to accentuate the natural beauty of each individual piece. 

  • Pillow Lady

    Booth: N12 

    Artisan/Crafters- Handmade Wildlife Pillows and Wildlife Fabric Pictures. 

  • Pillows, Purses, and Handbags

    Booth: M2

    Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted pillows purses and handbags made from upholstery fabrics. 

  • Potions N Lotions

    Booth: Q8 

    Artisan/Crafter- Goat's milk and honey lotions, Lip balms, sugar scrub, foaming hand soap, bubble bath, variety of goats milk soap, loofah soap, scrubby soap and regular bars. 

  • Presque Isle SnoBunnies Snowmobile Club

    Booth: G11

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Sno-Bunnies Merchandise and Winter Raffle Tickets. 

  • Pretty Nails with Janell

    Booth: Q10 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Color Street and Janell's Easy Clean Cloths. 

  • Ragged Ass Syrup Company

    Booth: R8 

    Artisan/Crafter- Certified Organic Maple Syrup

  • Rasta Woodworks

    Booth: R3 

    Artisan/Crafter- Unique wood carvings from Jamaica carved by myself and my family. 

  • Raven's Wood

    Booth: K8

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade wood utensils and tools

  • Recycled Yard Art

    Booth: C1

    Artisan/Crafter- Pigs, Giraffes, tables, birds, etc. 

  • Resin Works

    Booth: P1 

    Artisan/Crafter- We are hand pouring epoxy resin from silicone items such as large garden rabbit, flower pots, many items are applied to driftwood like fogs, lizards, bears and mushrooms. Stepping stones and Butterfly wall hangs. 

  • Rustic River Mosaics

    Booth: N2 

    Artisan/Crafter- Custom log furniture with mosaic inlaup, trivets, coatracks, stools, benches, bars and end tables. 

  • Samantha Krueger Art

    Booth: P2 

    Artisan/Crafter- My name is Samantha Krueger, and I am a Milwaukee area artist. My artwork falls into two themes, colorful acrylics and landscape oils. My Acrylic paintings tend to be more unique and bold, where many of my at pieces follow a contrasting color scheme. I love the striking look of blue & orange on a canvas, where they are opposites but draw the eye in. My oil paintings tend to be more on the traditional side. The oil paintings are landscapes, where I still love to use bold colors. 

  • Sarah's Garden

    Booth: D5

    Artisan/Crafter- Honey and Hemp Body Products 

  • Sawdust & More

    Booth: G13

    Artisan/Crafter- Scroll sawn plaques wood toys seasonal decorations

  • SB Concessions

    Booth: F2

    Food Truck/Stand- Gyros on pita w/veggies 

    Chicken on pita w/veggies 


  • Schacht

    Booth: B8 

    Artisan/Crafter- Cabin Art: Bears and Loons carved an painted on wood. 

  • Severson Ironworks

    Booth: H1 

    Artisan/Crafter- Metal towel bars and metal welcome signs 

  • Shannon's Sewing

    Booth: B4 

    Artisan/Crafter- Pot Holders, Table Runners, Fancy towels. All handmade! 

  • Shepard

    Booth: A12 

    Artisan/Crafter- Art, Blown Glass and stone 

  • Simply Complex Art Shop

    Booth: R2

    Artisan/Crafter- Lucky little llamas and other mini needle felted animals. Tiny corrals/homes and accessories for the mini animals. Quartz crystals that we dug ourselves. Clay sculptures on hand dug crystals. Bismuth crystals. Necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and zipper pulls. Ponchos and purses made from up-cycled clothing and remnants. All handmade with love! 

  • Smoldering Wood

    Booth: S15 

    Artisan/Crafter- Wood burning welcome signs and other wood burnt signs. 

  • Stony Creek Timberworks

    Booth: R14 

    Artisan/Crafter- Specialize in wood burls of all species but also use other wood. Wood turned bowls, bottle stoppers, pizza cutters, cocktail smokers. 

  • Southwest Expressions

    Booth: P4 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted Native American Traditional and Contemporary sterling silver jewelry. 

  • Spiff Cloth LLC

    Booth: E1

    Streak Free Cleaning Towels 

  • Splash Soap Company

    Booth: N24 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade soaps and skincare products, lotions, body butters, bath bombs, shampoo and conditioner bars, sea sponge soaps, loofah soaps, goat milk and natural vegan soaps. 

    Website: splashsoapcompany.com 

  • Star Lake Soap LLC

    Booth: C2 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Soap made in the Wisconsin Northwoods. 

  • St. Germain Lions Club

    Booth: K9

    Retail- Non-Profit Club Selling Gun Raffle Tickets under a WI Class A Raffle License 

  • Sue's Homemade Tastes Best

    Booth: A9

    Artisan/Crafter- Canned Veggie, Salsa, Jams, etc. 

  • Sue Sews 4 Fun

    Booth: G4 

    Artisan/Crafter- Tea Towels, Soap Cozies, Dog Bandanas, Coasters, Wool Mittens, Dog Toys, Catnip Toys, Plate Cozies, Christmas Stockings, Pot Holders, Tote Bags. 

  • Superior Dyeworks

    Booth: R17 

    Artisan/Crafter- Tie Dyed Clothing 

  • Superior Mittens

    Booth: J3 

    Artisan/Crafter- Watercolor paintings, wool mittens, flannel paperless towels, jewelry made from Lake Superior beach stones. 

  • Swanson

    Booth: C5

    Artisan/Crafter- Hand painted wood personalized snowman family ornaments 

  • Sweet Mana

    Booth: H11 

    Artisan/Crafter- Mindfully crafted botanical skincare including: lotion candles, body butter, CBD topical rubs, bath salts, facial products, body sprays, aromatherapy oils and spa accessories. 

  • T's Treasures

    Booth: G8

    Artisan/Crafter- Cutting Boards, Aprons, Whiskey Barrel Lids, Paintings 

  • Tackle Box Troubles

    Booth: K4 

    Artisan/Crafter- Tackle Box Troubles, Children's Book Author, Susan Duke, will be selling autographed copies of Tackle Box Troubles Fish Tale #1: Sammy Spinner and Tackle Box Troubles Fish Tale #2: Bucky Bucktail. These wonderfully illustrated books have a theme of perseverance, patience, and a willingness to learn from others os what it takes to be the best person you can be while achieving your goals. A perfect book for anyone that enjoys the sport of fishing! A fishing story from the perspective of the lures! 

  • Tammy Joe's She Shed

    Booth: S4 

    Artisan/Crafter- My tumblers are made with high quality material picked out by myself. My tumblers will last 8 hrs hot or cold. All my tumblers are sealed with FDA safe epoxy. They take 3 days to make. I do a lot of custom and business tumblers. 

  • Tangled Forest Jewelry

    Booth: Q13 

    Artisan/Crafter- I create nature inspired artisan jewelry of original design using Czech glass, natural stone and crystal beads. 

  • The Bowl Doc

    Booth: G3

    Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted Wooden Bowls, Vases, Urns, and Ornaments 

  • The Blue Daisy LLC

    Booth: S10

    Artisan/Crafter- Painted signs, wood decor and wood gift ideas 

  • The Felted Soap Lady

    Booth: N13

    Artisan/Crafter- Felted Soap, Dryer balls, soaplifts, shampoo bars etc. 

  • The Forest Boutique

    Booth: Q9 

    Artisan/Crafter- Upcycled flannel shirts, adults and children 

  • The Last Measure

    Booth: R11

    Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted shaker, primitive and rustic woodcraft and paintings: breadboard, porch leaders, charcuterie & butter boards-live edge, live edge paintings & wall hangers; seasonal decor. 

  • The Licorice Guy

    Booth: A6

  • Tizzy Dee

    Booth: Q15 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade crochet accessories and home goods featuring fun and quirky keychains, tiny cacti, succulent coaster sets, sloth plant hangers and limited wearable items. Each piece. is handmade by me. Follow me on Facebook and instagram @TizzyDee 

  • TLC Embroidery Boutique

    Booth: Q5 

    Artisan/Crafter- Blankets for all sizes and designs for all ages, Embroidered Kitchen Towels 

  • Trellage-ferrill


    Artisan/Crafter- Clay tiles, fused glass and mixes. 

  • Treeghost LLC

    Booth: G15 

    Artisan/Crafter- Metal signs and metal on wood decor. 

  • True Vivid Stone

    Booth: H12

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade natural stone wired artisan jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. 

  • Up North Baskets & Etc.

    Booth: N9

    Artisan/Crafter- Baskets

  • Valley View Rustic Creations

    Booth: M3 

    Artisan/Crafter- License Plate signs and art. We also do on-site custom signs. 

  • Very Wang Pearls

    Booth: Q18 

    Artisan/Crafter- We hand craft pearl jewelry, including larimar, opal, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals using gold, sterling, leather and hand stringing. We make custom jewelry on the spot. 

  • Wacky Woods & Baked Goods

    Booth: Q16 

    Artisan/Crafter/Stand- Wacky wooden birdhouse, bird feeders, combo planter/feeders, plant stands, hone holders, phone amplifiers, bat boxes etc. baked goods, sweet bread, bars, cookies, fudge, coconut macaroons, brownies, caramel puffs, rice crispy treats. 

  • Wampum Shop

    Booth: B1

    Artisan/Crafter- Loon Day Shirts and paint your own rocks 

  • Weber Woodcraft and Design

    Booth: A10 

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade trolls and carved Santa Clauses

  • Wepfer

    Booth: S16 

    Artisan/crafter- Unique gifts created from wine and whiskey barrels such as shelves, whiskey flights, candle holders, lazy Susan's and more. Great Ideas for all occasions. 

  • Whimsy Gal Boutique

    Booth: H2 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Boutique clothing, jewelry and accessories. 

  • Whispering Point Photography LLC

    Booth: D8 

    Artisan/Crafter- Fine Art and Nature Photography with an emphasis on loon photos. 

  • Wildwood Furniture LLC

    Booth: B5 

    Artisan/Crafter- Collage Picture Frames, (Log and reclaimed wood) and canoe bookshelves - All Handmade 

  • Winchester Lions Club

    Booth: R6 

    Resale- Raffle Tickets 

  • WI. Outdoor Mat Co.

    Booth: N10

    Artisan/Crafter-Outdoor Mats of various sizes and color 

  • Willow Street Crafts

    Booth: A7 

    Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- We sell premium chocolates, corn nuggets, nuts, pretzel nuggets and candies. All of our products are individually packaged for our customers convenience. We do provide samples of some of products at our show.

  • Wolf's Creations

    Booth: R25

    Artisan/Crafter- I sell Pixel art, magnets, keychains, earrings, coasters and other unique decor all made from Perler beads. I also make sewn hot/cold rice packs in various sizes, scrunchies and mug rugs. 

  • Wood Crafting Yard Art

    Booth: N18

  • Wrong Tree Book

    Booth: I2 

    Maker/Inventor/Designer- Jeffs Memoire, cards and posters

  • Yacelga

    Booth: K14

    Artisan/Crafter- Handmade and tie dyed dresses, blouses and Kid's sweaters.