2 Friends and a Blender

Booth: K11 

Website - 2friendsandablender.com

Facebook or Instagram - 2 Friends and a Blender 

Artisan/Crafter - 2 Friends & a blender manufactures a dry flavored drink mix. We have two different product lines. One is a frozen slushy mix. At home the customer blends the flavor packet with the liquid ingredients and ice to make a fun frozen slushy! Each flavor can be made wine, vodka, rum or non alcoholic. This line is also offered in sugar-free. The second product line is a warm drink mix we call Crockpot Cocktails. These have directions to be made with hard alcohol, wine or non alcoholic. 

Alkris Creations

Booth: Q13 

Artisan/Crafter- I make upcycles art with frames, windows, glass, beads, jewelry, etc. as well as flowers from dishes, dragonflies from whisks, and wine bags from ties. 

AM's Cakes and Bakes LLC

Booth: F1


Backed goods, WI Honey, WI Maple syrup

Angel Grandmas Preserves


Artisan/Crafter-Hand crafted jams and jellies. State inspected, licensed and insured. 

Angie K's

Booth: Q7 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand Crafted: Purses, Hats, and Scarves. 

Art Girl Pottery

Booth: Q6

Artisan/Crafter- ceramal artist and have been in the business for 20 years. My work is all slab built, using impressions with lace, organize, quotes and graphics. My pieces  consist of trays, vases, mirrors ,planters ,wall pockets. small serving pieces, bowls, decorative art and my very populace gnomes and pendants.  

Badger Kettle Corn

Booth: N21 

Food Truck/ Cart/ Stand- Freshly made Kettle Corn that we pop outside in our Kettle. 

B and B Farmco

Booth: D7


Beadit Creations

Booth: G12 

Artisan/Crafter- Homemade Jewelry  

Be Cute Stay Fabulous Designs

Booth: R10 

Facebook or Instagram - Be Cute Stay Fabulous Designs 

Maker/Inventor/Designer - Refurbished furniture and home decor. Yesterday's Treasures Modernized with a splash of color and textures to bring pieces to the next level. 

Bear-I O Fun

Booth: H8

Maker/Inventor/Designers- Whiskey/wine barrel staves, barrel heads as lazy  Susan staves as wine bottle holders, as coffee cup holders , as bathroom towel holder, As DIY staves to design your own ,as bottle openers, etc.. All imported from whiskey and wine barrel distributors. 

Beverage Barn

Booth: D10

Food Truck/Cart/Stand- Beverage Barn Smoothie, Coffee, Tea, Blended Drinks, Chai, Mocha, Latte, Water 


Booth: A1

Artisan/Crafter- Wood Art 

Blue Egg FarmStore

Booth: H4


organic body care dessert soaps cupcake and doughnut bath bomb

Blunt Custom Creations

Booth: S7

Website- bcc-company.com 

Facebook or Instagram- Blunt Custom Creations 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand crafted wood items include: Cutting boards, charcuterie boards, kitchen utensils, candle holders, benches, bar table, utility carts. 

Bohemian Cottage Co

Booth: D13

Artisan/Crafter- Electroformed copper/crystal jewelry 


Booth: H6 

Artisan/Crafter- Knives/Sheathes, Turned Bowls, Burl Bowls, Wooden items: Rattles, Spoons, Bottle Stoppers, Leather Items: Dog Collars, Journal Covers, Keychains eco-print (Natural dyes/Leaves) Silk 

Brayton World

Booth: R13 

Website - www.braytonworld.com 

Facebook or Instagram - Brayton World 

Maker/Inventor/Designer - Travel accessories and Crossbody Bags. 


Booth: Q12 

Facebook + Instagram- @johannabceramics 

Artisan/Crafter- I make contemporary functional pottery with colorful intricate surface designs. 

C and C Designs

Booth: G5


Hair chain- chain made of either beaded or metal rings that we weave into the hair in various styles. Hair Huggers- 2 combs that are attached with beads strung on stretch filament line. used in the hair to do pull backs, ponytails or buns.  

Carols Creative Crafts

Booth: G1 

Artisan/Crafter- Home Décor, Placemats, Table Runners, Appliance Covers, Window Treatments. 


Booth: K6

Artisan/Crafter- Birdfeeders, Mittens, and Hand Knitted Items 

Charcuterie Boards by Soren

Booth: H3

Artisan/Crafter- Granit + Quartz Charcuterie Serving Boards!  

Chics-N-Dip LLC

Booth: D11

Artisan/Crafter- Dry Gourmet Dip Mixes: Baking Mixes, Drink Mixes, and Snack Mixes

Christian's Maple Syrup

Booth: R15 

Artisan/Crafter - Christian's Maple Syrup Pure Maple Syrup 8 Flavor Infused Maple Syrups Maple Cotton Candy Maple Sugar Maple Root beer & Gift Boxes. 


Booth: J4  

Artisan/Crafter- Barn wood Picture Frames, Trays, and Furniture

Classic Creations

Booth: H10 

Artisan/Crafter- Northwoods themed Metal Art. Pine trees with varies wildlife such as Bear, Moose, Elk etc. We have Loons as well. 

Color Street

Booth: R11

Countryside Gifts

Booth: N22 

Artisan/Crafter- Welcome Bears, Fall Décor, Signs, Ornaments, Yard Décor, Scrubbiness 

Craft Creek Brewing Co. LLC

Booth: H15

Website, Facebook, Instagram - Craft Creek Brewing Co. LLC 

Food Truck - Craft Creek Brewery will be providing 4 different varieties of craft beer along with merchandise apparel for sale. 

Crafty Lady

Booth: D12 

Facebook - Crafty Lady-Kathy Breunig 

Artisan/Crafter - Quilts ranging in size from table runner to queen size 

Creation For Gracie

Booth: O5

Artisain/Crafter-Handprinted Barn wood and windows 

Cubbyhole Creations

Booth: R18

Artisan/Crafter- Fishing Towels, Can Coolers, Signs 

Custom Letter Designs

Booth: B10 

Artisan/Crafter- Graphic Design Letters and Quotes made into Signs. 

Cyndee's Country Treasures

Booth: A5

Darrel Bowman Pottery

Booth: S13

Artisan/Crafter-Useful stoneware pottery  


Booth: J5 

Artisan/Crafter- Stained Glass, recycled aprons, crocheted towels, and potholders. 


Booth: B12 

Artisan/Crafter- Painted Glassware, Egg Shell ornaments, Yard Dice, and Wooden Games. 

Diet Proof Swimsuit

Booth: R16

Website, Facebook, and Instagram - Diet Proof Swimsuit.com 

Artisan Crafter - I make wrap around tie on swimsuits www.dietproofswimsuit.com 

Dip-N-Good Dips

Booth: G7 

Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Family owned company that develops and sells the dry ingredients for gourmet dips. All ingredients are natural, there are no preservatives and are gluten free! 

Dream Designs

Booth: A11 

Artisan/Crafter- Metal wall art. We have over 200 unique designs. We paint our art two different ways, a patina and airbrushed. We finish it with a UV safe clear coat. 


Booth: K4 

Artisan/Crafter- A 37 page childrens picture book titled: Tackle Box Troubles By: Sammy Spinner

Denise Wagner's Usborne Books & More

Booth: R23

Books for baby through young adult, puzzles, plush and learning tools


Booth: R17 

Website- jenniferparath.epicure.com

Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Epicure is gluten free, sodium and sugar conscious, nut free meal solutions, dip mixes, dessert packets, and other jarred products. 

Exquisite Heritage LLC

Booth: R9

Website - www.exquisiteheritage.com 

Facebook - facebook.com/exquisiteheritage

Artisan/Crafter - We sell Indian Handicraft, Jewelry, handbags, backpacks, wallets for kids and ladies. 

Fantasy Creations By Theresa

Booth: Q2

Artisan/crafter-i create unique, one of a kind, boutique style jewelry that includes neckless ,earing ,bracelets and rings. I Specialize in working with seed beads, various other material beads, metals, and natural stone. All items are hand crafted by me personally.

Flattery Works

Booth: C3 

Artisan/Crafter- Alternative and classic jewelry, cabin décor 

Fortney's Personalized Crafts


Artisan/Crafter-Routed Signs- Off the shelf and or on order- Wooden perpetual Calendars-sign post-benches- family and teacher gifts-Kids Neckless and bracelets and kids crafts.  

Frog Buddies

Booth: L2

Artisan/Crafter- Wooden Frogs in various sizes, colors, and finishes. 

Furniture by Jake

Booth: O2 

Website- furniturebyjake.com 

Facebook or Instagram- John Marshall or Furniture by Jake

Artisan/Crafter- Rustic Log Furniture 

Geurts Gem

Booth: D3

GL Management LLC

Booth: Q8

Artisan/Crafter-we will be selling Self-Published Books 

Golden Spiral Jewelry

Booth: S5 

Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted Jewelry: Over 500 original designs. Earrings, Rings, and pendants in sterling silver, copper, and brass. Along with wired gemstones. Motifs include: Loons, animals, Celtic, Egyptian, trees and leaves, angels and wolves. 

Grandpa Choo-Choos

Booth: L3 

Food Truck/Cart/Stand- Kettle Corn, Caramel, Cheesy Corn. Water and Pop


Booth: B2

Artisan/Crafter- Stained Glass 

Growly Haven Jewelry

Booth: S15 

Website- [email protected] 

Facebook or Instagram- @growlyhavenjewelry 

Artisan/Crafter- In my jewelry creation, I utilize a variety of semi-previous gemstones in conjunction with a variety of natural elements to create one of a kind pieces that appeal to a wide variety of people. Each piece is unique and will add color and dimension to any outfit. I create earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants for all occasions. 

Hale the Bag Lady

Booth: G2 

Artisan/Crafter- All Leather Purses, pouches, and bracelets (Cut from Scratch) My own designs and patterns.  


Booth: L1 

Artisan/Crafter- Lemonade, Cranberry Products, Potpourri, Spray, Wax Melts, Candles, Incense, Jams, Salsa, Dried Treats, Jelly Beans.

Hmong Needle Works

Booth: N19 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand Made Stuffed Animals, Cross Stitched Purses, and Story Cloths. 

Hurley High School

Booth: N3

Artisan/Crafted- Northwoods Manufacturing is a student run enterprise located in the Hurley Hight School We make a large verity of wood and metal crafts,  including but not limited to signs, tables, cribbage boards, cutting boards, wood and acrylic pens, and custom CNC work.  

Hutch Leather Works

Booth: Q1 

Website- www.hutchleatherworks.com 

Facebook or Instagram- Hutch Leather Works 

Artisan/Crafters- Handmade Leather products and small accessories. 

Hornwinkels bear stube

Booth: F2

Food Truckl/Cart/Stand-Burgers, Ribs ,Brats and chicken. Also Have water and soda    

IC Magnetic Therapy

Booth: N15 

Facebook or Instagram- IC Magnetic Therapy 

Artisan/Crafter- HAND MADE magnetic therapy jewelry for pain relief

Invasion Jigs

Booth: B3 


Booth: S6 

Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted wooden items for both indoor and outdoor. 

James Netz Photography

Booth: Q3

Artisan/Crafter- I'm a photographer and I'm selling my art work. ity id painted on canvas and i do my own framing with my images 

Jalary Shop

Booth: N5


Booth: O6 

Artisan/Crafter- Outdoor Wood Crafts 

Jen Anderson Pottery

Booth: B7 

Artisan/Crafter- Functional Stone wear Pottery

Johnston Company LLC

Booth: Q15

Artisan/crafter- We are a small business that crafts items out if leather, wood and cloth. Our main items for the event will be: Dog tags ,wallets, key chains, pocket  protectors, shirts, earrings, clutch purses, gnomes, small décor items, notepads and  hats. Most items are made of leather with a few made out of cloth or a combo of leather and cloth.  

Jully's Fashion Design

Booth: M7 

Artisan/Crafter- Jully's Design Hat and Unique hand made jewelry (Anklet, Choker, and Earrings) 

Junction City Craft Co.

Booth: L4 

Artisan/Crafter- Sewn and embellished women's clothing 

K & M Woodcrafts LLC

Booth: D4

Artisan/Crafter- Exotic Wood, cutting boards, lazy Susan's, cheese slicers, trivets.

KSS Memories

Booth: D9

Artisan/Crafter- Handmade: Dog Collars + Leash's and Purses/Bags featuring pop culture. 

KT's Kreations

Booth: S10

Artisan/crafter- custom woods signs and cribbage boards. laser engraved tumblers. 

Kutie Kari Books Inc.

Booth: H9 

Artisan/Crafter- Children's books that I write, illustrate, and Publish. 

Lake Superior Creations

Booth: H11 

Artisan/Crafter: Jewelry made from Lake Superior Beach Glass. Framed Pictures using Beach Glass. Driftwood Décor. 

Lake Superior Jewelry

Booth: N8 

Artisan/Crafter- Jewelry and wind chimes made from repurposed metals, specifically antique silverware (silver/ silver plate), antique serving trays (silver/silver plate), and copper from an old house gutter. 

Lakeland Aerial Photo

Booth: M5

Website- www.lakelandaerial.com

Artisan/Crafter- Aerial Photos of area lakes, towns, & golf courses, and reclaimed pine frames. 

Ledgewood Enterprises

Booth: Q20 

Artisan/Crafter- Creates Potholders, Bag Recyclers, Blanket Scarf, Bowl Cozies, Face Masks, and Crochet Top Towels.


Booth: S14 

Artisan/Crafter- Metal Flowers, Crocheted towels, Dishcloths, Scrubbies, Afghans, pet Blankets, Wood Bird Houses, Feeders, Ornaments 

Licorice Guy (The)

Booth: A6 

Little Bull Falls Soap Works

Booth: K2 

Artisan/Crafter- Bar Soap, Lotion, Body Butter, Lip Balm ETC. 

Loon Nest Signs

Booth: K3 

Artisan/Crafter- Loon Nest Warning Signs and Floating 2 sided Loon Nests Warning Signs. 


Booth: G6

Artisan/Crafter - Fabric Covered Photo Albums and Photography Notecards 

"Bag Bags" 

Lori's Creative Delights

Booth: Q9

Artisan/Crafter- Embroidered items- Hooded characters Bath towels.   Reading pillows, Kids Play Masks.  Finger Puppets, Tooth Fairy Pillows. Blankets with Sayings and Sewn Items. Therapeutic Hot and Cold Items.  

Lu's Creations

Booth: A2

Lucy Iburg

Booth: N9

Artisan/Crafter-Sweaters, dresses, mittens toys, bracelets

Lynn Barber-Nature's Art Studio

Booth: K1

Website- naturesartstudio.weebly.com

Artisan/Crafter- Watercolor Batiks, note cards, reverse glass/batik combination pieces. 

M & G Artisan Cookies

Booth: S3

Artisan/Crafter Assorted Cookies, Baskets, Original Watercolor Paintings and Cards 

Madd Hatt-er

Booth: G11 

Website- [email protected] 

Facebook or Instagram- The Madd Hatt-ter

Artisan/Crafter- Big fluffy fuzzy lumberjack hats with mitts and scarves to match. These are both knit and crochet. 

MaxiPink Designs

Booth: M1 

Artisan/Crafter- I make hats and handbags for women and children. 

Medieval Mapmaker

Booth: A8 

Website - etsy.com/shop/mediaevalmapmaker 

Artisan/Crafter - Hand Drawn Maps 

Meesh Drops

Booth: K5

Artisan/crafter- Macramé plant hangers, wall hangings, Hanging shelving, macramé décor, painted terracotta pots. 

Mercer Lions

Booth: J2 

Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Duck Race Tickets, Duck T-Shirts, and Duck Jewelry 

Mercer Seniors and Science Club

Booth: I2

Artisan/Crafter the mercer science club will be selling popsicles and different cold food items to keep you cold on a hot summer day the senior class will be doing face-paint and glitter tattoos.  

Midnight Creations & Gifts

Booth: O1

Artisan/Crafter- Greeting Cards, Slush Mixes, Bird Suet, Rice Bags, Seasonal Décor, Painted Jars, Bug Spray, Plants, Fishing Baits, Soap. 

Midwest Lifestyles LLC

Booth: N16

Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Hammer Stahl Knives  focusing on fishing, Hinting, and cabin Knives. 


Booth: S9

Artisan/Crafter- Fine woodworking Products. 

Monkey Bandit Shop

Booth: M6 

Artisan/Crafter- Outdoor Yard Games, Bike Tire Shelves, Scrabble Tiles, Barn Quilt Boards, Toy Bow and Arrows. 

Mouse-Mix, LLC

Booth: B8 

Website- www.mousmix.us 

Facebook- facebook.com/moensmousemix 

Artisan/Crafter- All-Natural, potpourri-based, pest deterrents for home, cabin, campers, farm equipment, lawn and garden pests. Smells great and works awesome. 


Booth: N1 

Artisan/Crafter- Scabies, Towels, Bird Houses, Bird Feeders

My Girls Clothing Co.

Booth: J7 

Maker/Inventor/Designer- Clothing, Copper Items, Ornaments, Cuffs 

Mommy and Max

Booth: B4

Nanas Whims

Booth: N17

Artisan/Crafter- Kitchen towels, table runners cloth napkins giftbags Also will have fall and Halloween items 

Natural Spaces Photography

Booth: N11

Artisan/Crafter- Loose, Matted, and Framed Prints 

New Image

Booth: K10 

Maker/Inventor/Designer- Men's Sterling stainless steel Jewelry pocket watches leather jewelry and women's sterling silver jewelry and genuine stone jewelry decorative pillow covers. 

North Pole Crafting Co.

Booth: S11 

Artisan/Crafter- Gnomes, Gnome Wine toppers, gnome garland 

Northern Lights

Booth: B11 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand-Made Jewelry 

Northwoods Maple Farm LLC

Booth: R7

Website - www.northwoodsmaplefarm.com

Facebook or Instagram - @northwoodsmaplefarm 

Artisan/Crafter - Maple old fashioned mix, maple cream, maple butter, maple candies, flavor infused maple syrups, pure maple syrup, maple cotton candy, maple suckers, maple sugar 

Northwoods Review & Impact Coffee

Booth: G14

Website- Northwoods Review, LLC 

Facebook or Instagram- Northwoods Review, LLC 

Free Newspapers and Networking 


Booth: R20 

Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Norwex Environmentally- Friendly Personal Care + Cleaning Products 

Northwoods Shutters by Steve

Booth: J6

Artisan/crafter-custom exterior wood window shutters 

NW Inspirations

Booth: N14 

Facebook or Instagram- NW Inspirations 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand Painted Lanterns, glassware, and globes. 

Oak Outlet

Booth: O3

Artisan/Crafter- We hand-craft lodge themed and traditional oak furniture, lamps, hand laced, lamp shades, pillows and runners. Pieces are crafted using hickory saplings, hickory lumber or oak. Customers may choose from multiple finish colors and upholstery fabrics. 

Off the Bead in Path + Good Luck Lumber Co.

Booth: J3 

Artisan/Crafter- Leather Hand Loomed Bracelets, Gemstone Bracelets, Wood Burned earrings and pendants, hand made wood products: cutting boards, cribbage boards, bowls, wood burned spoons. 

Olson Hoang Crafts

Booth: K9


Hand cut and carved wooden jewelry boxes and Handmade Paper, pop-up greeting cards. 

Oreb Liam Fine Casual Jewelry

Booth: A7 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand Made Jewelry 

Pam's Glass Art

Booth: P3

Artisan/Crafter- Stained Glass Suncatchers + Windows, Repurposed Bottles + Glass- Windchimes 

Paul's Porch Pots

Booth: N4 

Website- paulsporchpots.com 

Facebook or Instagram- Paul's Porch Pots 

Artisan/Crafter- Repurposed Maple Syrup buckets for décor. Plasma cut Metal art decorations. 

Pete's Backwoods, LCC

Booth: S12 

Website- petesbackwoods.com 

Facebook or Instagram- Pete's Backwoods 

Artisan/Crafter- Wood turned creations made from scraps of wood. Combined with acrylic resins and metal powders to accentuate the natural beauty of each individual piece. 

Pillow Lady

Booth: N12 

Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted Wildlife Pillows and Fabric Pictures

Pillows, Purses, and Handbags

Booth: M2 

Artisan/Crafter- Handcrafted pillows purses and handbags made from upholstery fabrics. 

Pretty Nails

Booth: R22 

Resale- Color Street and Microfiber Cloths 

Pretty in Paparazzi

Booth: R21 

Facebook or Instagram - www.facebook.com/groups/laurasprettyinpaparazzi 

Resale - Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories is $5 nickel free, quality jewelry. Each item is only $5 

Pro Designs of WI, LLC

Booth: N23

Pumpkin Patch Products

Booth: N6 

Website - https://www.facebook.com/groups/261835469153877/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pumpkinpatchproducts/ 

Artisan/Crafter - Glitter pens, glitter staplers, keychains, stickers, polymer clay earrings. 


Booth: H14 

Artisan/Crafter- Fabric Toys + Gifts for Children 

Penguin Candle LLC

Booth: Q11 

Artisan/Crafter- Candles. Wax melts, Tealights. 

Presque Isle Sno-Bunnies

Booth: Q19

Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Sno-Bunnies Merchandise and Winter Raffle Tickets. 

Rasta Woodworks

Booth: G13

Artisan/Crafter- (Handcrafted by you) 

Jamaican wood carving. 

Radiant Roses with Lilla Rose

Booth: R19 

Website: www.lillarose.biz/saram

Facebook or Instagram- Radiant Roses w/Lilla Rose 

Resale- Lilla Rose Hair Accessories

Raven's Wood

Booth: K7 

Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Wood Utensils and Tools 


Booth: F3 

Food Truck/Cart/Stand- Pretzels, chips, nachos, pizza slices, hot dogs. 

Recycled Yard Art

Booth: C1 

Artisan/Crafter- Recycled Metal Yard Art 

Ron's Rocks & Gems

Booth: C4 

Artisan/Crafter- Semiprecious Beaded Jewelry 

Rustic River Mosaics

Booth: N2 

Artisan/Crafter- Custom Log Furniture with Tile Mosaic inlays 

Resin Works

Booth: P1

Artisan/Crater All items are made from epoxy resin-Planters book markers cell phone holders epoxy resin Eagles ,wolves ,fox, pyramids, trinket jars, jewelry boxes, decorative plagues and sun catchers, Bowles and Jars.  

Ribbons and Scents

Booth: P2

Artisan/Crafter-I Make Sot candles in a variety of scents. They are in 6 ounces tins and are hand poured in Mercer WI. i Also make a verity of wreaths including grapevines and deco mesh as well as wooden door hangers. 

Sarah's Garden

Booth: D5

Artisan/Crafter- Honey and Hump Body Products 

Sawdust & More

Booth: H2

Artisan/Crafter- Scroll sawn fretwork plaques, wooden toys and seasonal decorations. 

SB Concessions

Booth: F4

Stand- Food Stand 


Booth: B9 

Artisan/Crafter- Cabin Art 

Seasonal and Sports Decor

Booth: Q18 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand painted Vintage Windows 

Severson Ironworks

Booth: H1 

Artisan/Crafter- Metal Towel Bars and Signs 


Booth: A12 

Artisan/Crafter- Blown Glass

Smoldering Wood

Booth: S16 

Website- Smoldering Wood 

Facebook or Instagram- Smoldering Wood 

Artisan/Crafter- Wood Burnt Signs 

Southwest Expressions

Booth: P4 

Website- www.nativecraftsworld.com

Facebook or Instagram- @south_westexpressions

Artisan/Crafter- Traditional and Contemporary Native American Sterling Jewelry made with Natural stones like Turquoise, onyz, coral, opal 

Spiff Cloth LLC

Booth: E1 

Streak Free Cleaning Towels 


Booth: Q10 


Handcrafted cotton dog collars and leashes 

St. Germain Lions Club

Booth: Q17  

Selling Tickets for Clubs Annual Gun Raffle 

Star Lake Soap LLC

Booth: C2 

Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Soap 

Sue Sews 4 Fun

Booth: G4 

Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Different Items 

Sue's Homemade Tastes Best!

Booth: A9 

Artisan/Crafter- Canned Veggie, Salsa, Jams, etc. 


Booth: C5 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand painted wood personalized snowman family ornaments 

Sweet Mana

Booth: H12 

Website- www.sweetmana.com 

Facebook or Instagram- @sweetmanabotanicals 

Artisan/Crafter- Botanical skincare, luxury bath and body products etc. 

Sunde Sound LLC



Mixed-Media Resin Art Crystals, stones, metals, and other natural-found objects are encrusted in clear resin to create wearable, table, wall, plant and functional art. 

Superior Dyeworks

Booth: R14 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand made batik and tie dyed clothing

Shannon Caccavari Design

Booth: Q16

Artisan/Crafter- Long oven mits , Kitchen towels, Decorated, Cozy bowls for microwaving 

T's Treasures

Booth: G8 

Artisan/Crafter- Cutting Boards, Aprons, Whiskey Barrel Lids, Paintings 

T & J Enterprise

Booth: N18 

Artisan Crafter - 

Teddy's Silverware Creations

Booth: D2

The Bowl Doc

Booth: G3 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand-Crafted wooden bowls, vases, and urns 

The Felted Soap Lady

Booth: N13

Artisan/Crafter- Felted Soap, Dryer balls, soaplifts, shampoo bars etc. 

The Forest Boutique

Booth: R8 

Facebook or Instagram - The Forest Boutique

Artisan/Crafter - Upcycled distressed flannel shirts and children clothes 

The Modern Doily

Booth: R12 

Artisan/Crafter - Crochet items - Soap savers, Chapstick keychains, Aldi Quarter keepers, crochet top kitchen towels, travel sanitizer holders, plant hangers, winter hats, jewelry, kitchen scrubbies, wash cloths, etc. 

Thumb Print Press and Design

Booth: Q14

Website- Thumb Print Press & Design 

Facebook or Instagram- Thumb Print Press & Design 

Artisan/Crafter- Baby Clothes through adult t-shirts and garments, fine art prints 

Time Vault Treasures

Booth: S4 

Website- time-vault-treasures.square.site 

Maker- turning vinyl into functional framed are or clocks 

TLC Embroidery Boutique

Booth: Q5 

Facebook or Instagram- TLC Embroidery Boutique 

Artisan/Crafter- Embroidered kitchen towels and soft minky blankets of all sizes and designs for all ages 

Tree Ghosts LLC

Booth: G10 

Artisan/Crafter- Metal Signs 

Trisha's Gotpots

Booth: D8

Artisan/Crafter- WI Root Shirts, Soap, Signs 

True Vivid Stone LLC

Booth: H13 

Website- https://truevividstone.com 

Facebook- Facebook.com/TrueVividStone 

Artisan/Crafter- Handmade Artisan Natural Stone Jewelry 

Turtle River Knitter

Booth: H7 

Artisan/Crafter- Different Knitted Items

Uncle Mike's Maple Syrup LLC

Booth: K8

UP Copper Jewelry

Booth: H5 

Website- www.upcopperjewelry.com 

Facebook or Instagram- UP Copper Jewelry 

Artisan/Crafter- Copper and Mixed metal Jewelry, Copper Art, Yooper lite, copper nuggets, Pottery, Photography notecards and Maple Syrup 

UP North Baskets & Etc. Stumpy's Woodcrafts

Booth: N7 

Artisan/Crafter- Baskets

Ursula's Wearable Art & Accessories

Booth: A4 

Artisan/Crafter- Women's Wearables 

Usborne Books


Resale/Retail/Flea/Antiques- Children Books 

UW Extension

Booth: I2

Valley View Ridge

Booth: R5

Website - http://www.valleyviewridge.com

Facebook or Instagram - http://www.facebook.com/valleyviewridge 

Artisan/Crafter - Air plants, air plant creations and air plant displays. We create the air plant creations by using birch bark, wood and grapevines from our property as a unique display for air plants . 

Valley View Rustic Creations

Booth: O4 

Facebook- facebook.com/barnboarddecor

Artisan/Crafter- We will be selling license plate signs

Wampum Shop

Booth: B1

Artisan/Crafter- Loon Day Shirts and paint your own rocks 

Whimsy Gal Boutique

Booth: R2 

Website- www.whimsygalboutique.com 

Facebook- whimsy gal boutique 

Resale- Womens Clothing 

Weber Woodcraft and Design

Booth: N20

Website- Weber Woodcraft and Design 

Facebook or Instagram- Weber Woodcraft and Design 

Artisan/Crafter- Hand Crafted trolls and Santa clauses 

Whispering Pines Earth, Wind, and Metal

Booth: D1

Artisan/Crafter- Metal Garden Spinners 

Whispering Point Photography

Booth: D6

Website- whisperingpoint.com 

Facebook- Whispering Point 

Artisan/Crafter- Original fine art and nature photography 

Wildwood Furniture LLC

Booth: B6 

Artisan/Crafter- Log Collage Picture Frames 

Wildlife Scenery

Booth- R3

Artisan/Crafter- I do wildlife oil panting. I offer my paintings on a verity of wooden plaques, fungus. Christmas Bulbs, etc. I also now offer my first series of wildlife cards. 

Wisconsin Outdoor Mat Co.

Booth: N10 

Artisan/Crafter- Mats


Booth: K12 

Artisan/Crafter-Handmade Clothing 

Yankee Doodle Duds

Booth: A10


Booth: R6

Artisan/Crafter- Cement leaves, quilted Bags, Cross over purses, crocheted wire Jewelry, hats